Tips For Beginner How To Edit Videos on FilmoraGo

 FilmoraGo is one of the best video editing apps, the wondershare company creates FilmoraGo to join the race in every single video editing field, in video editing software, and also in a video editing app.

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How To Edit Videos on FilmoraGo

How To Edit Videos on FilmoraGo

like always on Filmora-Blog after we write an article about any filmora software or app we also provide to our readers tutorials and courses.

in this article will give a tutorial for beginners on how they can edit videos on the FilmoraGo app.

Steps For Beginner To Edit Video On FilmoraGo

editing videos on FilmoraGo is an easy task because of a wondershare company create an easy interface also for the FilmoraGo app to help all user to create amazing videos.

How To Trim/Split Video

what is a video split? A split edit could be a transition from one shot to a different film or video, wherever the transition of the audio and video happens at completely different times. ... Split edits also are accustomed to hide transitions between scenes. they'll be terribly effective in editing dialog scenes shot with one camera using multiple takes.

Video Trim means you'll cut the video in shorter length or we will say we will take away unwanted a part of the video and might modification video length help of some software.

How To Corp/Ratio Videos In FilmoraGo

The Ratio refers to the width of an image (or screen) in respect to its height. ... as an example, a 4x3 ratio means that the image is 4 units wide by three units high. alternatively, a colon is also used (e.g. 4:3 or 16:9) or a ratio to the amount 1.

How To Adjustment Video Speed  

Adjustment Video Speed: This is controlling your videos and clips in the timeline speed in some clips, you have to slow down the speed and in another time you have to speed it up.

How To Reverse And Play Your Video Backwards  In FilmoraGo

Reverse Video Play: if you are creating a travel vlog video or memory video or anything like that, will need to reverse some clips to create a cinnamic effect to get a great video.

How To Import Your Voice Over In FimoraGo

some YouTubers have motivation channels, and the owners of this channel prepare the video and after that, they record a voiceover and add it to the video.